Corcovado Rain Forest, Costa Rica
Fox Broadcasting 
Washington DC
Taj Mahal, Agra, India
Makhtesh Ramon Negev Desert, Israel
Cayman Islands
A person like Jim Cornfield comes along only once in a great while. He is a fine photographer and a great writer, with many years of professional experience; His knowledge about the craft and science of professional photography is encyclopedic. "

                                  --Bill Hurter, celebrated author, photographer, former editor-in-chief of               
                                     Petersen’s PhotoGraphic,  Rangefinder, and After Capture 

"Jim Cornfield is the rare combination of a superb photographer and a lively, compelling writer. He brings intelligence and originality to his photographs and to every subject he’s covered in his books and hundreds of magazine articles."  

                                    --Ellen Boughn, author, Microstock Money Shots, former Executive Editor, Corbis                                        Images, founder, After Image Photo Agency

" With 30 years as an editor and writer for the photo industry under my belt, I am still unable to paint a picture with words the way Jim Cornfield does. Jim’s prose pulls you in and keeps you gleefully engaged while he skillfully slips in all the complicated technical elements of his craft…eloquently and masterfully." 

                                   --Jacqueline Tobin Editor-in-Chief, Rangefinder Magazine

Jim Cornfield is a veteran commercial photographer and a respected author, journalist and travel writer, based in  Malibu Canyon, CA. 

His fresh, original adventure and Eco-travel articles (he calls his editorial approach, "adrenaline lite") covering destinations from Israel, India, Costa Rica, Spain and Italy to Honduras, the Cayman Islands and Portugal, are widely published in magazines as diverse as Scientific American, Continental Air Lines Magazine, Sport DiverCigar Aficionado and the glossy NY-based  photographic monthly, Rangefinder, for which Cornfield is a regular columnist and contributing editor.

Over a career that spans 35 years, Jim Cornfield has been Feature Editor of Petersen’s PhotoGraphic Magazine, Director of Photography for the presitigious Los Angeles publishing firm East/West Network, and co-creator of the acclaimed book series, Masters of Contemporary Photography

"I learned the craft of photography on the job," Cornfield recalls, "as an editor and writer for books and photo magazines.  over the years interviewing or working with Bert Stern, Irving Penn,  Pete Turner, Douglas Kirkland, Tommy Mitchell, Lawrence Schiller, Vogue Editor Diana Vreeland, magazine designer Will Hopkins--folks of that pedigree. My early career was 'deep immersion' photo school." ." Today, Cornfield's photographs appear in advertisements and publications worldwide, for a clientele that includes, NBC, Paramount Pictures, CBS, Disney, Fox Television, Dole Food Company, Tribune Broadcasting, Kilroy Realty, Fluor Corporation, Occidental Petroleum, Hewlitt Packard and a gamut of periodicals from Reader's Digest to Popular Photography. 

Cornfield is the author of four books, his latest, The Soft Touch, released by Amherst Media in November 2015. He's also an experienced film and video director, having created many television commercials for his broadcasting clients.  "Ingmar Bergman reminded us that motion pictures are simply a lot of still images methodically strung together to make a movie.  As a still photographer, I approached live action with Bergman's idea in mind, and it helped dispel  the anxiety of making that transition."

Jim Cornfield was born on Chicago''s north side,  raised in suburban Los Angeles. and graduated from UCLA with a degree in English.  During the Vietnam War, he served  four years  as an officer in the US Air Force, leaving active duty in the rank of Captain. 
“Jim is one of the very few people I know in the communications field who’s both excellent photographer and gifted writer…he has a  seasoned reporter's eye for detail and ear for language, and the vocabulary to  weave them  seamlessly into a story.  Along with all that you get his finely tuned creative  sensibility—a trait that the best photographers and graphic artists and writers need in abundance.”

--Chris Barnett, journalist, author,  Chairman,  Chris 
   Barnett Communications, San Francisco, CA